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Our Horses

  • ink8
  • tangles
  • maggie new
  • forrest2



  • horse3

    Brandy (retired)

    BreedA bit of everything,
    Brandy is about 31, and she has been here so long, we have let
    her stay and retire in a place she knows, and her best mate Pugsly
    lives here, so what can you do?


  • roxy1


    Breed: some Arab we think
    Height:12.3 hands
    Personality A bit ADD, in love with Gemma on sight, will follow her anywhere, and continually jumps out of the stables,
    a very forward going pony, so suits the more experienced riders, can be challenging at times

  • barney


    Breed: some quarter horse Height: 15.2 hands
    Personality:very cooperative horse, suits beginners and experienced riders, always behaves himself,
    only has one odd habit, tends to turn his head sideways when you ride him, easily fixed when you straighten him


  • large mac


    Breed: Throughbred
    Height: 16h
    Personality: Lovely gentle horse, good to beginners and advanced, but does not like you pulling on his mouth to slow down, will happily obey your seat aid, is about 24 years old now but still seems to have plenty of life in him, particularly comes out at night, tends to get faster?


  • bigliz


    Breed/type  Black/brown galloway mare
    Personality: Can be a bit moody, lazey and bossy at times, other occasions very sweet
    and obliging, especially with a whip in your hands.
    But the quietest horse, especially with the Riding for the Disabled riders, never puts a hoof wrong.


  • rlhl09l


    Breed: Stock horse
    Height: 15.3
    Personality: lovely temprement, very willing, more for the advanced riders, as fairly sensitive to how
    you sit on his back, good jumper and will come into a rounded frame with the correct aid

  • Ink Breed:not sure Height:13.2 Personality: cute, cooperative He is a forward going pony, quite co-operative, happy to do as asked, but not so keen on jumping, just does not have the talent for it, a little rougher to ride than some of the others, but gives you a good sense of the bigger movement in preparation for the bigger horses
  • Tangles Breed:Thoroughbred Height: 16h Personality: A Gentleman, not the smartest one in the stable, but very smooth to ride He can teach you:To keep good contact with reins, otherwise, will stretch his head longer and longer, good to practice sitting trot on, good jumper, and fairly obedient to the aids, also a for learning the canter
  • Maggie Breed: pure bred quarter horse Height: 14.1 h Personality: Maggie is everybodies favourite she is used in the beginner, advanced and Riding for the Disabled classes, and is so willing in whatever she is asked to do, would love to have 10 of her
  • Forest Breed: Has some Brumby in him we think Height: 15 hands Personality: Well, he has his moments, can be sweet and obliging most of the time, he has certainly got better in time, very smooth trot and canter
We offer full boarding facilities
  • Own large yard and shelter shed with automatic water
  • We supply and feed twice a day,anc clean yards
  • Horses a let into paddock on rotation basis each day
  • Riders have use of all the riding school facilities
  • Locked tack room
  • Farrier on site
  • Around the clock supervision
  • Cost $170 per week

Do It Yourself

  • You can hire the yards etc, all the same privileges
  • You feed twice a day and clean yards
  • Or we can feed with your feed

Cost $45 per week

Around the clock supervision